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Led by The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes reporter Nick McKenzie — the winner of fourteen Walkley Awards and four-time Australian ​ journalist of the year — Trafficked exposes a major sex trafficking and border security scandal that has already sparked two national inquiries. 

23 February 2023 – Stan, Australia’s unrivalled home of original productions, today announced that the Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Trafficked, will premiere March 12, only on Stan. 

Drawing on the incredible 60 Minutes story first reported by journalist Nick McKenzie, Trafficked, directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sascha Ettinger-Epstein, is a raw, gritty observational documentary exposing what is one of Australia’s largest human trafficking operations, and challenges the government to take action on a largely under-reported crime that is rife in Australia. 

From Melbourne and Queensland to South Korea and London, Nick alongside South Korean journalist Jiyoon Kim from Investigative Agency Newstapa, uncovers how vulnerable women are targeted, meeting with a young survivor who was brainwashed and coerced into enduring shocking conditions as a sex worker. Her harrowing story exposes the cruel treatment of the workers and how they were led to believe there was no escape. 

Nick McKenzie said: “Australians will not only see inside a world of organised crime and sex trafficking but inside an exhaustive investigative journalism project that ultimately exposed government failures that should concern us all.”

By unveiling the continued exploitation of sex workers in Australia, Revealed: Trafficked highlights the need to eradicate human trafficking syndicates. Created in collaboration with 60 Minutes, The Age and The Sydney Morning HeraldRevealed: Trafficked is the third title in Stan’s landmark documentary slate, following Revealed: Amongst Us - Neo Nazi Australia and Revealed: No Mercy, No Remorse. The Stan Original Documentaries have been created in collaboration with award-winning journalists, filmmakers and philanthropists from Australia and around the world, and cements Stan and the 9Network’s collaborative partnership. 

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Trafficked is directed and produced by Sascha Ettinger Epstein (The Department). This documentary is supported by the Judith Neilson Institute’s Asian Stories project.

The Stan Original Documentary Revealed: Trafficked will premiere March 12, only on Stan.


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